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Just "CLICK" TO share, track, store , manage and retrieve your documents.

Wth our DMS, we want to save alot of your time resources wasted by employees looking just for that one file or document from piles of paperwork. For this reason, Wacloud has you covered with our document management solutions because this is key to the success of almost every kind of business or institution .
DMS does alot from processing,tracking, managing, storing and retrieving documents.
As Wacloud we exist to help you avoid the irreparable damage an insitution would face due to having a failed document management system.

Our Services

Process Automation

We enable effective life-cycle management of critical business, organisational and institutional contentstarting from its capture to disposition. With our automated approach, all is made easy and goes for just a click.

Processing and Capturing

We have a trusted team when it comes to capturing and extracting valuable business content, from multiple channels by automating extraction of data from structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents.

Document Classification

At Wacloud, we understand the secret behind having an organised system of managing documents. So using AI and Machine Learning, we classify and give your content the best layout to cater for you and other users.

Records Management

To our expertise , information may grow old but can never be irrelevant. So we are mindful of rarely used documents and these archived electronically with our e-Records Management system

Our Commitment

We give you the best, desired, durable and affordable all in one solution and this what you should expect when you hire us.

Accessibility & Flexibility

User-Friendly System

Document Security

Reliable solution