Digital strategies

Whether we're working for an enterprise sized corporation or a small one person company, it is important to set the right direction for the project. The development process of the new website begins with a startup meeting where the vision, work roles and strategy are established. For smaller projects, the strategy might take an hour to establish, while larger projects obviously require considerably more time.

Digital strategy focuses on using technology and as Wacloud we help you maximize on your data assets to improve business performance. We do all it takes to see your business market grow, from creating new products to re-imaging and re-branding current processes. Just to emphasize ,we guide you on which direction an organization should take to create new competitive advantages with technology, as well as the tactics it should use to achieve these changes. The purpose of the digital efforts can vary widely. Often clients want to increase their sales, but the purpose might as well be to strengthen ties with suppliers, retain existing customers, facilitating recruitment or strengthen the brand. When the purpose and aim of the new web project is evident, work can begin.

Examples of aims and objectives

Increase sales
Facilitate recruitment
Strengthen ties with suppliers
Strengthen the brand
Keep current customers

Examples of strategies for increased sales

Expand or strengthen the internal sales organization through lead generation
Packaging services in a more accessible way
Get more relevant users to the website
Get more potential customers to actually pick up the phone or send an e-mail

Our trusted process

At Wacloud we understand that the approach to your business needs determines how much you are going to achieve, yes we are therefore here to give give you a reliable, competent, delivering, realistic but affordable process.

Requirements analysis

We consider a study of your business needs, current sales ,target audience, challenges as well as performance of the strategy in place, this is because a successful strategy is one that is data- driven.


Basing on the data analysis , our team undertakes to plan which involves rethinking of part or whole strategy or even simply bring in new tools. Our plan to ensure that we set you apart from the competition and keep you outstanding.

Design and Develop

At Wacloud we know that you site promotes your brand, so our team designs and develops customized design to much your brand concept. More over our designs are eye-catching, attracting yet with a friendly UI to ensure great user experience(UX).

Test and Launch

At Wacloud , we are mindful of quality and want to give your brand the best. So test to ensure an error free strategy, once we are sure you love the quality then we integrate it withe the system which is launching.

Our Skills as Wacloud

For over 4 yrs we have proved to be a company with an unmatched record of competence in what we do. So while you set your goals , look no further than Wacloud because we are here to meet your need. We pride in.....

Creative branding

A brand designed with intent and purpose gives you a competitive advantage. And at Wacloud we give your an amazing look outstanding and competitive enough to drive more traffic to you product and helping you grow.


At Wacloud we give you more than just a strategy but one that will develop your brand’s story by constructing memorable digital experiences, it is amazing to see your product brand grow and it's our promise to you.

Content creation

We understand how much life content brings to your brand but that should not be just any content. Our content creation teams is focused on creating relevant and captivating content to make your product a perfect blend.

Search engine optimization

We offer you SEO services that will enable you site stay relevant on google such engines by ensuring that you current and relevant info, improve you visibility which can improve your brand performance.

With Wacloud you are sure of

Increased visibility and rankings

Quality Assurance

Expanded market reach

Increased sales