Digital strategies

Whether we're working for an enterprise sized corporation or a small one person company, it is important to set the right direction for the project. The development process of the new website begins with a startup meeting where the vision, work roles and strategy are established. For smaller projects, the strategy might take an hour to establish, while larger projects obviously require considerably more time.
The purpose of the digital efforts can vary widely. Often clients want to increase their sales, but the purpose might as well be to strengthen ties with suppliers, retain existing customers, facilitating recruitment or strengthen the brand. When the purpose and aim of the new web project is evident, work can begin.

Examples of aims and objectives

Increase sales
Facilitate recruitment
Strengthen ties with suppliers
Strengthen the brand
Keep current customers

Examples of strategies for increased sales

Expand or strengthen the internal sales organization through lead generation
Packaging services in a more accessible way
Get more relevant users to the website
Get more potential customers to actually pick up the phone or send an e-mail